Navigating a current-ripped bay… A longer-than-expected coastal tour… A quick run across the lake to a favored fishing shoal. How many examples can you think of where a boost of power would make your kayak experience that much more fun? That’s the theory behind Hobie Kayaks' revolutionary new eVolve Series powered by Torqeedo’s Ultra light 402 electric motor. For the first time in kayak history, you’re one touch away from quiet, clean, and efficient electric propulsion.

Go for hours at a steady two knots, or pour on the juice for a burst of speed. It’s your call. This compact, German-engineered motor is custom designed with two different types of Hobie mounts to slip into your existing Hobie kayak. Quietly slip through the bass-choked shallows… Give your muscles a break during a lengthy bay cruise… Introduce a non-paddling friend to kayaking with power…

The choice is yours. And with Hobie’s new V2 eVolve, you have more choices than ever.

  • Total Weight w/MirageDrive Mount: 18 lbs / 8.16 kg
  • Total Weight w/Rudder Mount: 17 lbs / 7.71 kg
  • Motor Weight: 6 lbs / 2.72 kg
  • Battery Weight: 6 lbs / 2.72 kg

Kit Includes:

2 for 1 Both Mounts Included!

1) Ready-to-go Mirage well mounted Hobie eVolve
2) Additional assembly to adapt motor onto a Hobie Twist and Stow rudder

  • Extremely Powerful & Efficient
  • Effortless Speed
  • Total Installed Weight of 18 lbs or Less
  • Integrated GPS
  • Safety Shut-Off Tether Key
  • Waterproof Motor, Battery and Throttle
  • LCD Control Unit
  • Includes both MirageDrive Mount and Twist and Stow Rudder Mount
  • All Cables for the Motor and Throttle Units
  • All Mounting Hardware

Rudder Position Mount

A lightweight aluminum assembly allows you to convert your motor into a stern mounted option. Easily adapting to a Hobie Twist and Stow rudder, this makes for a quick conversion to a hybrid kayak…allowing you to pedal and use the electric motor at the same time to extend your range. Or, turn off the motor and use it as a rudder with the MirageDrive™ as the ultimate stealth propulsion system to your favorite fishing or bird watching spot.

Mirage Well Mount
The Mirage mounted Hobie eVolve comes built and ready to run out of the box. This configuration allows you to convert your Hobie Mirage kayak into a compact electric craft by just dropping the eVolve into the well. Weighing in at only 6.4 pounds, this drive is built from durable materials and a shock absorption spine to hold up to years of enjoyment.

Lithium battery/computer/GPS
A 230wh Lithium-Manganese battery (8Ah at 28.8V) is the heart that pumps the power to Torqeedo’s Ultra light 402 motor. At only 6.6 pounds, this battery case has a built-in GPS (for speed calculations) and is completely watertight…it actually floats! At a full charge, this battery will continue to perform for up to 8 hours (based on 2 MPH cruising speed).

Remote throttle
The remote throttle allows you to mount your controls conveniently near your seating position using a RAM® mounting system (provided with kit). The easy to understand readout gives you all of the critical information you need to know to get you to and from your destination. The throttle pad is also equipped with a magnetic key pad for a safety key in the event you are separated from your kayak or to prevent theft.

Thru-hull fittings
The installation kit comes with all the parts needed to run all of your wires internally for a clean deck with minimal exposed wire.

Waterproof System
Hobie's totally unique connection system allows everything to be completely IP68 watertight when connected.