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The Companion Rhino Compact 320 Swag represents the durability and simplicity of the swags of yesteryear.

An original envelope construction with a zip down one side and along the foot area, the Rhino Compact 320 Swag has comfortable high density foam mattress with a removable cover and is easily set up with two guy ropes to raise the head awning. Perfect for people travelling through warmer climates, the Rhino Compact 320 Swag is an outstanding value long lasting investment.



The original way to bunk down for the night. A simple and traditional design that's perfect for warm climates or those who are always on the move. Designed and built to withstand the harshest environments, Rhino swags are easy to set up and deliver optimum comfort and toughness in the wild.



The OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Double Dome swag is one of Australia's most popular double dome swags known for its great features and durable construction. Featuring tough and reliable 330gsm SatProof 600+ ripstop canvas and an easy to set up 3 pole dome style construction. The protected front head and foot awnings work great for all weather ventilation and the full-length top opening allows for easy access into the swag. This swag is well ventilated and offers a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep.



This OZtrail Mitchell Expedition Swag is an iconic part of Australian camping - the freedom you feel when rolling out your all-in-one shelter and bed cannot be beaten. This swag is well ventilated and offers a comfortable and relaxing nights sleep. All the pegs and ropes required to set up your swag are included, so there's no excuse not to go out and enjoy the Aussie Outback!