Secure gazebos or pavilions together. Great for market stall holders for increased stability. 
Join two or more gazebos or pavilions together for additional stability & security

  • Heavy Duty steel construction
  • Four connectors per kit
  • Suits any gazebo or pavilion from the OZtrail range except for the UltraMax aluminium gazebo
  • Easy to attach and use

Designed to fit gazebo frames and most tents, this kit provides illumination through alcove or around the perimeter of your shelter 


Be ready for wet weather with the handy gutter system that directs water away from your gazebo or pavilion with a 3 m side

  • Can be used on any Gazebo with a 3 m side in the OZtrail range
  • Join together the 3 m sides of two gazebos and the gutter system will prevent water running down between the canopies
  • Water collected from the rooves is collected and directed away


12 m multi coloured party rope light. Light up your gazebo or pavilion. Great for vehicles, 4x4s, tents too or for your next party 


Use as sleeping bag liner for extra warmth or a Summer sleeping bag or open it out and use as a blanket.


Whether you're using it on a confined balcony or out on basecamp, this handy lightweight collapsible clothes line will let you hang your clothes out to dry.


Mountable T-Level for leveling car fridges and caravans made by Supex Australia