We have one only 2014 Model left !! $3590  Sage in Colour

We have plenty of Stock of the 2015 models as well featuring upgraded seats and MirageDrive $4290

 The Hobie Mirage Inflatable Tandem Kayak i14T 2014 model is the perfect answer for those that want a Hobie Mirage Drive kayak for two that you can take anywhere. It inflates easily with a supplied pump and deflates quickly for storage and travel.The i-Series offers storage, stability and speed. Optional accessories include; a sail package, cup holder, rod/accessory holder and plug-in cart.

 Optional accessories include; a Sail Package, Cup Holder, Rod/Accessory Holder and Plug-in Cart.


  • Length: 3.66m 12' 0" Width: 0.91 m 36"
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 61 lbs / 27.67 kg
  • Capacity : 227 kg 500 lbs.
  • MirageDrive Weight: 3.0 kg 6.6 lbs


* MirageDrive pedaling system
* Hand-controlled rudder with kick-up feature
* Self-draining cockpit scuppers
* 8" Twist-n-Seal hatch in forward storage area
* 2 Deluxe 4-piece paddles with 2 on-deck storage locations
* Hand pump
* Rolling travel bag

Watch video of the inflatable being rolled into its bag

Optional features

Sail Kit
Kayak Cart
Anchor system
Wheel Cart

Oversize Rudder