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Maclean Outdoors is an outdoor recreation store that provides products and services for camping, fishing, boating, kayaking and water-sports enthusiasts. Among the many brands that we sell are Hobie, Primus,Companion Brands, Outdoor Connection, Sea to Summit, Dometic Waeco, BLA, Leatherman, LED Lenser,  Railblaza, RAM, Lowrance, Black Wolf, and many more. Our store is based in the scenic township of Maclean, situated on the banks of the mighty Clarence river in NSW Northern Rivers area. Maclean is centrally located to the beautiful beaches of Iluka, Yamba, Angourie and Brooms Head all within 30 minutes drive. Major nearby towns include Grafton, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Lismore, and Byron Bay.

We specialise in Hobie Kayaks, offering traditional paddle recreational kayaks as well as the highly popular pedal (and or sail) powered Mirage kayaks, featuring Hobie's patented MirageDrive. Solo and tandem models are available in both styles. We carry every kayak model in Hobie's fleet in every available colour. We also specialize in kayaking accessories and are experts on kayak fishing and kayak camping

Maclean Outdoors is located in the CBD, only 80 metres from the public boat ramp, where we offer on-water demonstrations (on the mighty Clarence river - the largest river on the eastern seaboard of Australia, pictured below). We are open 8.30 till 5 weekdays and 8.30 till 12 Saturdays . Contact us to book an appointment!

Hobie kayaks are one of the most popular brands of kayaks in Australia, and for good reason. Manufactured in the USA by Hobie cat, there is a large variety of kayak models in the Hobie fleet. Whatever your size or intended pursuit, Hobie have built a kayak just for you. Whether you're looking for something for general recreation, exploring, touring, camping, fishing, photography or fitness, Hobie has you covered.

All Hobie kayaks are roto-moulded from high-grade super-linear polyethylene plastic and are highly durable, UV resistant and lightweight. All models come complete with everything you need to get on the water and start having fun. This includes paddle, seat/backrest and water bottle.

The mirage range of Hobie kayaks are also capable of being pedalled and sailed as well as paddled, giving the user a wide range of propulsion options. Pedal-powered kayaking is becoming increasingly popular amongst kayak anglers, birdwatchers and photographers, largely due to the obvious advantages of hands-free propulsion.

The pedal-powered 'engine' of the Hobie Mirage kayaks is the Mirage Drive unit. Employing similar principles that a penguin uses for mobility, the pedals force the fins to oscillate back and forth, pushing water backwards and propelling the kayak forward. The Mirage Drive can achieve a surprising amount of speed without a whole lot of physical effort. 

Included amongst Hobie's pedal-powered models are the inflatable series: the i9s, i12 and i14. Not only are these the first pedal-powered inflatable kayaks in the world, they can also be paddled and sailed. The 'i' series kayaks incorporate 3 separate air chambers and are incredibly buoyant and highly durable, featuring a thick reinforced PVC skin (double-skin base). The i12 and i14 also feature a large storage compartment to keep gear dry. 

Hobie's flagship boats are more than just a kayak - they are also a trimaran sailing boat and can even be used as Polynesian style outriggers (single pontoon). These 'Island' craft incorporate a kayak hull that can be fitted with a large sail and two heavy duty amas. Combined with the mirage drive, the Island trimaran kayaks are the fastest and most versatile in the Hobie fleet. The Island is capable of being used as a stand-alone kayak and the sail and amas can be fitted quickly to form the trimaran configuration. Anglers are also enjoying the ability to turn it into an outrigger styke kayak by fitting a single pontoon.

Then there are the Pro Angler models, Hobie's dedicated fishing platforms. Designed from the ground up for enhanced kayak fishing applications, the aptly named Pro Angler models are highly suited to backwater and tournament kayak fishing.

It can be a little daunting when faced with the expansive range of kayaks from Hobie, but we're here to help. Not only can we help narrow your short-list by explaining which models will best suit your usage scenario (and why), we can also arrange for you to try them out. Widely recognized as experts in the field we can guide you as to which models might best suit your requirements but at the end of the day we understand that there is no better judge than you. That's why we feel it so important to allow our customers to try before they buy. There's no better way to go about choosing your ideal kayak! 

Kayak fishing is the fastest growing paddle-sport in the world (for good reason) and no where is it growing faster than in Australia. Kayak fishing in Australia is currently experiencing huge growth and is showing no signs of slowing down. This is hardly surprising, given how much water surrounds this great country of ours. Not only is yak fishing a great way to get an edge on the fish, it's also a lot of fun... not to mention less expensive and more environmentally friendly than power boating. Kayaks are also quieter - especially Hobie's Mirage kayaks - lending the invaluable advantage of stealth to the angler.

Hobie kayaks are particularly popular among kayak fishos. This is especially true of the Mirage models, all of which feature the pedal-powered mirage drive. Offering the ability to paddle, pedal and even sail, these kayaks provide alternative means of propulsion that give the angler more options. Hands-free kayak fishing is only one of the advantages boasted by mirage kayaks.

As well as offering the full range of Hobie Mirage kayaks, Maclean Outdoors also specialises in kayak fishing accessories, with one of the largest ranges in Australia. Upon request we can also fit out kayaks with flush or deck mounted rod holders, anchor trolleys, fish finders, GPS mounts, compasses, safety flags, sidekick amas and more. Stocked brands include BLA, Black Wolf, Black Diamond, Sea to Summit, GSI, Hobie, Ocean Kayak, Lowrance, Leatherman, LED Lenser, Geirgerrig, MSR, RAM, Petzl, Scotty, Shark Skin, Shark Shield, Stohlquist, Sunnto, Ultra and more.

Of particular interest to our kayak fishing customers are our online catalogue pages on kayak fishing accessories, accessory mounts, rod holders, apparel, life vests, and safety.

Customers interested in learning more about which Hobie kayak models are best suited for fishing are well advised to read the FAQ below  

Choosing a kayak & or fishing kayak FAQ

Q: I like the features of 'X' kayak, but think 'Y' kayak will be a better ride in the scenarios I plan to use it in. What should I do?

A: Many people get hung up on certain little features of kayaks and often let these influence the decision making process. This isn't such a good idea really because when it comes to features, almost anything can be customised on a kayak. One thing that cannot be customised, however, is how the kayak paddles and performs on the water. This is the number one thing to consider. Don't let the absence of a rod holder, for example, get in the way of the kayak you really want and or need.

Q: I plan to use my kayak mostly in rivers and creeks. What do you recommend?

A: All of the Hobie kayaks are suited for most rivers, but for recreational kayaking the Lanai & Quest models offer great turning capabilities (an attribute handy for thin-river kayaking), all track well, are very stable and with varying qualities in speed and load carrying capacities. They're all also relatively light and easily managed, which can come in handy if you have to carry it over rocks or semi-submerged tree-trunks. All of the mirage kayaks are equally capable in almost all river conditions as well.

For river fishing purposes, the Quest (11 and 13), Sport, Revolution (11 and 13) Outback, Pro Angler, Outfitter (tandem) are the most popular models. The sport is especially popular for shorter people (though the Revo 11 is now more popular than the Sport), as is the i9 inflatable, which is also attracting attention from river fishos. The Adventure (often favoured by many users whom measure 6'+) is perfectly suited to most river fishing conditions as well, although it is typically considered to be a sea-kayak design, where it truly excels.

Q: I plan to fish estuaries, protected bays and lakes. What do you recommend?

A: Again, all Hobie kayaks are more than capable of performing this role. Any choice is a safe choice for this usage scenario, so just look closely at models that you feel best suit your size, fishing style, speed requirements and storage capabilities. Most of all, pay special attention to the one that feels just right. That's the best advice anyone can give you regarding choosing your ideal kayak (almost everything else can be customized). So if you're not sure which model is your ticket, try before you buy.

The most popular models for estuary & lake fishing include the Quest, Outfiitter, Sport, Outback & Revolution, although the Adventure gets a lot of use in this department as well. Although it doesn't have flush-molded rod holders (like the above mentioned kayaks) the Oasis can also be configured as an awesome fishing kayak as well. It's probably the most under-rated fishing-capable kayak of the entire Hobie fleet. A few custom rod holders bolted on and away you go!

Q: I plan to fish off shore, and or land and launch through surf zones. What do you recommend?

A: Speed is usually a good attribute to have in off shore kayak ventures, making it easier to cover distance with less effort. Notably fast and stable are the Revolution and Adventure models - the former being considered to be marginally more stable, but not quite as fast, and visa versa. Overall the Adventure is the best off-shore performer of Hobie's kayaks but the Revo isn't far behind.

As far as working through surf, most of the Hobie models are quite capable of punching through and even riding surf waves. Most quality kayaks are - it's more about technique than it is hull design. That said, the slender 'needlenose' shape of the Adventure, Revolution and Quest (& Oasis tandem for that matter) are better suited to surf launching than other models, as they will push through most waves and chop with more direct drive than some of the other hull designs.

Q: I'm not sure if I should buy a double or two singles. What do you think?

A: If you can afford 2 kayaks and have the capability to transport them both (many Hobie kayaks can be stacked for car-topping), it might pay to go for two kayaks instead of a tandem. It will give both users greater mobility and more options. If one of the users is inclined to want to turn right when the other prefers left, 2 kayaks might be the ticket. For offshore fishing trips 2 kayaks is generally the better proposition as well (unless in a group). Solo kayaks are safer for fishing as well, as anglers don't have to worry about hooking their paddling partner.

If in doubt, you're probably better off with 2 solo kayaks. But if you are in doubt, remember that you can always do a test paddle with Maclean Outdoors.

Q: What sort of gear do I need to set myself up with for kayak fishing?

A: That depends on what you plan to do. Either way, there's nothing wrong with starting 'small'. All Hobie kayaks come with all the basic essentials - drybag, drink bottle & gear bucket, and most have flush molded rod holders. If you're not paddling far (and in calm water), all you really need is that, a rod and reel, a few lures, a net (or towel) and something to put fish in if you intend to keep them. The sky is the limit though, so ultimately it's up to you.

Regardless of where you are fishing, don't neglect safety considerations. For trips that involve any great distances, extreme weather or open water, give safety considerations due dilligence. Dress for the weather and wear a PFD. Safety flags are an excellent idea as well. At the very least pack a first aid kit, compass and ample provisions such as snacks, hydration, comms (ph and or radio). Whatever you do decide to pack, make sure it's packed well and stored in good waterproof containers.

It's not such a bad idea to use your kayak a few times before mounting too many accessories (rod holders, sounders, etc) to make sure you're certain that where you intend to place them is the right spot for the job. Making it up as you go along is a great way to go. This is especially true if you are new to the sport (in which case you are well advised to keep your first few trips out in flat water only).

Many kayak fishoes install extra rod holders and mounts for items such as fish finders & GPS systems. If you value your rods (and anticipate turbulent conditions), rod leashes are a good idea. Gear keepers are handy for items such as fish grips, pliers, etc.

Most users also purchase a wheelcart to transport the kayak into and from the water. There are several options available. Our most popular models are the Hobie standard and Trax wheelcarts. The standard cart is lightweight and is perfectly fine for most usage scenarios. The Trax cart is heavier duty and particularly well suited for traversing soft terrain, such as mud and beach sand.

Feel free to ask us any questions you may have to choosing and or installing kayak accessories.

Q: What sort of maintenance is involved in the up-keep of a Hobie kayak?

A: Hobie's tech support pages can be found here

One of the many great things about Hobie Mirage pedal-powered kayaks is that they are all quite capable of being fitted with a sail kit. The Patented MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal while sailing which helps you to maintain forward motion through turns and obtain higher speeds. Sail with ease maintaining excellent speed with or without pedalling while sailing. Easily pedal out to sail or pedal home when the wind is too light. 

Typical paddle-only kayaks do not have the necessary lateral resistance needed nor do they typically have a rudder for steering. Paddle kayaks require hands-on paddling which prohibits use of rudder and sail controls for sailing. The MirageDrive pedal system allows you to pedal out onto the water to sail and pedal back if needed. You can also pedal the boat through a tack (turn). The MirageDrive pedal system’s fins act as a keel or centerboard when in the down position offering the lateral resistance needed for upwind sailing. Hobie Mirage kayaks are equipped with a hand-controlled rudder. The MirageDrive allows hands to be free for sail and rudder controls. 

With their larger sails, heavy-duty amas and roller-furling mainsheet systems, the Adventure Island trimaran yaks are even more capable and are the ideal boats for those who find the idea of kayak sailing highly alluring. Kayak sailing has been proven to be a highly effective means of propulsion for kayak fishing, either for trolling or for reaching otherwise inaccessible marks & fishing locations. Due to their impressive range capabilities, the Adventure Island trimaran boats are also the perfect choice for longer-distance kayak camping expeditions as well.

Kayak camping is one of the most rewarding ways to visit the Australian back-country and coastal hideaways, allowing paddlers to go where others can't. From overnight up-river excursions to island crossings, with multiple storage options and means of propulsion, Hobie kayaks are leading the field. Maclean Outdoors have extensive experience gearing up kayak adventurers for camping and expeditions 

Camping from kayaks commands an approach not terribly dissimilar to back-country hiking trips. Compact ultra-light camping gear is most suitable, minimising size and weight of your camping load. Gear can be stored inside or out of the kayaks (see our selection of waterproof storage accessories) in waterproof drybags and containers. Maclean Outdoors carries a large range of camping gear that is well suited to kayak camping endeavours, hand picked by our own staff who go camping from their yaks regularly, from weekend overnighters to longer kayaking expeditions.

The team at Maclean Outdoors pride themselves on making every effort to ensure that purchasing your kayak from us is a pleasurable experience. Our sales team are Hobie kayak users and have a wealth of hands-on experience as well as an excellent working knowledge of the Hobie Range. We are happy to assist with any set up queries you may have and can offer honest advice on any questions you may have.

Maclean Outdoors also offers a free service and inspection for all of our customers on all Hobie kayak models, valid throughout the warranty period (2 years from purchase date).

Read below for more info on kayak demonstrations, delivery, fitting out, servicing and Hobie kayak trade ins.


Situated across the road from the Clarence river, we can offer 'try-before-you-buy' demo rides, allowing you to be sure that the model in question is right for you. Getting on to the water and testing a kayak before buying is well advised and Maclean Outdoors is happy to offer that service. The full range of Hobie kayaks are available for demo. Please be sure to contact us to arrange an appointment if you would like to arrange a test paddle.

Fitting out

Maclean Outdoors can also fit rod holders, fish finder systems, GPS holder mounts, anchor trolleys, compasses and other accessories at a reasonable price.


Maclean Outdoors can also service your kayak and any of it's components, including complete inspection, cleaning and lubrication (where required) from bow to stern, paddle, rudder & miragedrive. Service rates are $60 per hour. 

Note: Maclean Outdoors offers a free service and inspection for all of our customers on all Hobie kayak models, valid throughout the warranty period (2 years from purchase date).

Kayak Delivery

At Maclean Outdoors we realise that picking up a Kayak from Maclean could be a problem for those who live a couple of hours away. We will make every endeavour to assist where possible with delivery of your Kayak if you are unable to pick up.

If it is possible to co-ordinate your delivery with others, a minimal or no-charge will be available for deliveries within the Mid–North Coast and Northern Rivers Region. If you require a specially timed delivery we will ensure that we assist to make this as economical as possible.

* Please be aware that we do not deliver kayaks interstate or terribly far from the Nth Coast region of NSW. If you are looking to purchase a kayak from the NSW central or southern coast areas, contact Pedal Paddle Sail, or Wetspot Watersports from the ACT area. If you're from the QLD area you are best advised to contact Sunstate Hobie, who have showrooms in Brisbane, Cooroy and Kawana. If you're from Victoria, contact Scott Lovig Hobie. If you're from Sth Australia, contact Binks Marine.

Mail Order

We are happy to accept orders via phone, email and our online shopping cart system (Bank Acc, MasterCard, Visa, Paypal account, all using Paypal Gateway) for goods that we can dispatch via Aus Post. Deliveries are usually shipped out on the same day you place your order and are sent via registered post so we can track deliveries. Post costs are charged at a flat rate of $15.00. Note: we mail order throughout Australia only

Click here for more information on Mail Order through Maclean Outdoors

Trade ins

Looking to upgrade or update your Hobie kayak? Maclean Outdoors can help you out with a trade in deal (Hobie kayaks only). Contact us for more information.

I have been using Maclean Outdoors for several years now for mail order supply of specialised Kayak Fishing componentry. I have found their range and service to be absolutely second to none. Josh Holmes has been at the forefront of the sport in Australia for many years now and his advice has helped me out many times, not only on new and innovative setup and components, but also on the Hobie range of kayaks. If you need great advice, prompt service and up to date advice and information from someone who is out on the water as much as any of us, Maclean Outdoors and Josh are definatley worth talking too. Cant recommend them enough.

- Brett 'Shufoy' Ozanne, Founder of YakFishWest

"My wife and I were looking for a new outdoor activity to share together to get out, get active, and most of all have fun! We stumbled upon Hobie Kayaks, and in particular the exciting Adventure Island sailing model. There were more than several places to purchase the kayaks so our purchase decision came down to who could provide us with the best hands- on knowledge and after purchase service. After visiting several retailers the choice was crystal clear. Maclean Outdoors was the obvious choice as they clearly met all of our needs we were looking for with our purchase. With the combined working knowledge and friendly staff we were guided to make the right choices that met our expectations and abilities. Make no mistake, anyone can sell you a kayak, but in our experience only Maclean Outdoors can make it a pleasant, and ultimately correct decision! So, see you out there on the water!"

-  Shep Shepard and Dr. Allison DuchowMKF member & PADI MSDT Dive Instructor (Shep) and Surgeon (Allison), Grafton


"My kayak and most of the after market gear on it is from Maclean Outdoors. What the crew there don't know about Hobie kayaks and kayak fishing isn't worth knowing. Hands on knowledge of the crafts and situations that suit them is vast. The service is excellent, delivery swift and the price is always right. Maclean Outdoors were instrumental in ensuring that I had the right kayak to suit my specific needs. What I have ended up with is the ideal fishing platform outfitted to perform the way I need it to. They stock just everything you could ever need or chances are can get it for you. What more could you want?"

- Jay Penfold, Founder & Editor  of

"The first Hobie kayak I bought (a Revolution) was purchased from another dealer more local to me. Besides the fact that they didn't honour their quote after I had payed a deposit, there were many other disappointing issues that arose post sale. After I got the call that my kayak had arrived I went there just to find out that it was the wrong colour, parts where missing and all the extras I had ordered were still not in stock.

So when I wanted to upgrade to an Adventure I turned to Maclean Outdoors instead. What a difference! All the kayaks were in stock, as were all the extra bits and pieces I wanted. They also helped sell my old kayak to! The service was second to none and the sales team are highly professional with heaps of real life experience. They've been helping keep me geared up and good to go ever since, never missing a beat. I can wholeheartedly recommend Maclean Outdoors to anyone who wants to buy with confidence."

- Holger Goehr, Apply First Aid Northern Rivers Managing Director, Brunswick Heads

"I have only praise for all my dealings with Maclean Outdoors over the last 5 years regarding my Hobie Sport - they have been very professional in their approach & attitude & given freely of time to discuss available options. Their staff has gone well above the call of duty helping to service my kayak on location during events and gatherings more than once - I didn't have to ask... or even pay! Any mail order purchases I've made through their website have been promptly and accurately dispatched each and every time & because of all this, I would recommend anyone to contact Maclean Outdoors re anything Hobie."

- Roberta Pearce/Arpie, KFDU member, Kayak tournament fisho, Hobie User since 2007, Port Macquarie

"Advice and questions about recommended PFDs, safety gear and general rigging of my Adventure Island.  Products I purchased from Perth, Western Australia arrived within days and completely met all my expectations.  Thanks for the experienced advice and excellent service!"

- Jim Cabrera, Perth WA

"When I finished up working with Hobie Australia at the end of 1998 I had several job offers from Hobie dealerships on the table at the time. I chose to come and work with the team at Maclean Outdoors not just for the location and lifestyle the Nth Rivers has to offer but also because the business owners were genuinely into the kayaks themselves. In the 3 and a half years in which I worked there on a full-time basis, owner Doug Jenkins has accompanied me on numerous kayak fishing and camping trips as well as numerous river cruises to. He knows and loves these yaks just as much as I do. 

They've also been a great help in gearing me up for my ambitious kayak fishing expeditions and the shop has been a terrific environment for that, because they've got all the goods. I can often still be found hanging around the store, poking around, drinking coffee and telling fishy tales about the ones that got away!"

- Josh Holmes, Founder and editor of and Yakass Kayak Fishing Show

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