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Hobie kayaks are one of the most popular brands of kayaks in Australia, and for good reason. Manufactured in the USA by Hobie cat, there is a large variety of kayak models in the Hobie fleet. Whatever your size or intended pursuit, Hobie have built a kayak just for you. Whether you're looking for something for general recreation, exploring, touring, camping, fishing, photography or fitness, Hobie has you covered.

All Hobie kayaks are roto-moulded from high-grade super-linear polyethylene plastic and are highly durable, UV resistant and lightweight. All models come complete with everything you need to get on the water and start having fun. This includes paddle, seat/backrest and water bottle.

The mirage range of Hobie kayaks are also capable of being pedalled and sailed as well as paddled, giving the user a wide range of propulsion options. Pedal-powered kayaking is becoming increasingly popular amongst kayak anglers, birdwatchers and photographers, largely due to the obvious advantages of hands-free propulsion.

The pedal-powered 'engine' of the Hobie Mirage kayaks is the Mirage Drive unit. Employing similar principles that a penguin uses for mobility, the pedals force the fins to oscillate back and forth, pushing water backwards and propelling the kayak forward. The Mirage Drive can achieve a surprising amount of speed without a whole lot of physical effort. 

Included amongst Hobie's pedal-powered models are the inflatable series: the i9s, i12 and i14. Not only are these the first pedal-powered inflatable kayaks in the world, they can also be paddled and sailed. The 'i' series kayaks incorporate 3 separate air chambers and are incredibly buoyant and highly durable, featuring a thick reinforced PVC skin (double-skin base). The i12 and i14 also feature a large storage compartment to keep gear dry. 

Hobie's flagship boats are more than just a kayak - they are also a trimaran sailing boat and can even be used as Polynesian style outriggers (single pontoon). These 'Island' craft incorporate a kayak hull that can be fitted with a large sail and two heavy duty amas. Combined with the mirage drive, the Island trimaran kayaks are the fastest and most versatile in the Hobie fleet. The Island is capable of being used as a stand-alone kayak and the sail and amas can be fitted quickly to form the trimaran configuration. Anglers are also enjoying the ability to turn it into an outrigger styke kayak by fitting a single pontoon.

Then there are the Pro Angler models, Hobie's dedicated fishing platforms. Designed from the ground up for enhanced kayak fishing applications, the aptly named Pro Angler models are highly suited to backwater and tournament kayak fishing.

It can be a little daunting when faced with the expansive range of kayaks from Hobie, but we're here to help. Not only can we help narrow your short-list by explaining which models will best suit your usage scenario (and why), we can also arrange for you to try them out. Widely recognized as experts in the field we can guide you as to which models might best suit your requirements but at the end of the day we understand that there is no better judge than you. That's why we feel it so important to allow our customers to try before they buy. There's no better way to go about choosing your ideal kayak! 

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