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The Dunbier Sports Kayak Trailer is now available at Maclean Outdoors. This beaut of a trailer is built for the harsh Australian climate, as it is made out of high quality Australian steel which provides providing so it doesn't matter where your choose in Australia for your next road trip, as your kayaks will always be behind you.


  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 1.5m
  • Weight: 160kg
  • Kayaks: 1 (or 2 with double stack kit, extra cost)
  • Construction: High Quality Australian Steel with Galvanised Finish (U-bolts, nuts and plates) to protect your trailer against corrosion
  • Wheels: 13" Steel Wheels with Ligh Truck Tyres, Full Sized Hubs & Black UV stablised mudguards
  • Lighting System: Waterproof LED's with "Joint Free" wiring loom
  • Jockey Wheel and Australian Coupler.
  • Carpeted Side Bunks & Forward V Block keeps your kayak secure
  • Multi-Point Tie down Locations 


  • Fully compatible with a wide range of Kayaks due to the moveable forward v block.

  • EXTRA: Double Stack Kit ($380), allows a second kayak to be towed, making trips with the family easier than ever. 

Price for standard Dunbier sports kayak trailer assembled, with double stack included $2130
This trailer is pick up only from Maclean Outdoors or delivery by arrangement . Please contact us to see if we can arrange delivery in your area if required.

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* Dubier Sports Trailer Pricing: