Hobie insulated foam pads for internal installations of Lowrance transducers into kayaks. Supplied with DSI and standard transducer shapes


Increase your fishing skills with the new Hook2 4X Fishfinder from Lowrance! 


A lightweight, 6.6-pound, 320 Wh Lithium-Manganese battery (11Ah at 29.6V) powers the system’s featherweight Torqeedo motor. The battery is buoyant and completely waterproof, ensuring safety and therewhen-you-need-it performance. Its built-in GPS unit generates pertinent information such as speed and range. 


Add a solar charging panel to your eVolve v2 system. Can charge the battery or run the motor indefinitely at approximately 2 knots (with optimum sun conditions). Solar panel uses dedicated plug-in on the v2 battery. 23 Watts of power for quick charging, Weatherproof, Marine-grade connection, Ultra Light Weight, Ultra Thin, Ultra Durable, Works in Low Light, Roll for easy storage, Easy to use, Successfully tested in salt water, Stainless Steel Grommets, Stainless Steel Rivets, Custom Built for Hobie Cat, Made in the USA


Super Special Now $199 !!! were $299

Operate intuitively with color touchscreen, straight forward menus and “hot key” physical buttons. Upgrade with additional outdoor content any time you wish for many specific ativities through download or plug-and-play microSD cards. Add shared web community content including routes/trails, POIs, elevation data, etc. in GPX format through drag-and-drop to the device


Set of male / female waterproof plugs with wires and 4 waterproof (silicone filled wire nut) connectors.


Presenting the ultimate transducer-mounting system for the sit-on-top fishing kayak, to take full advantage of Lowrance's innovative fishfinding technology and performance.



Elite-4 HDI Chartplotter  + Fishfinder is much more than a compact product, with all the proven Lowrance® features you could want, plus the brightest LED backlit displays--providing clear viewing in any boating condition. Transom-mount transducer including internal water-temp sensor and up to 120° of wider Broadband sonar coverage- at 83 kHz operation. Or Downscan Imaging at 455kHz. Hybrid Dual imaging Technology including Navionics Charts of Australia. 3 Panel split screen operation available


Lowrance X-4 Pro: New high-detail, dual-coverage 83/200 kHz Lowrance fishfinder for 2011. Easily cover more water and fish smarter for a lot less.


Powerful yet simplified performance, only Mark fishfinders offer legendary Lowrance features with a newly-optimized automatic mode for high-performance finding with turn-on and- fish ease. Along with easy-to-use menus, there’s also an Advanced User Mode for fine-tuning to water conditions.

  • High-resolution 5 in./12.7 cm, 480x480 pixel Film SuperTwist LCD
  • Dual-frequency 83/200 kHz Skimmer® transom-mount transducer with internal temp sensor and up to 120˚ of wider sonar coverage
  • Unique TrackBack™ feature offers immediate scroll-back to review multiple pages of echosounder history 
  • Depth penetration to 1000 feet (305 m); 300W RMS, 2,400W Peak-To-Peak

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Hobie’s full size fishfinder installation kit integrates a waterproof 9AH gel cell 12-volt battery to provide more power to run larger units like the Lowrance Full Size Series of fishfinders. It can also be used to run smaller units for longer periods of time. Kit includes: Waterproof 9AH gel cell 12-volt battery with attached waterproof wiring and connectors, 12-volt battery charger, foam battery pad, foam transducer pad, zip ties, marine goop, wire connectors, rubber grommet, wire cap.

Navigating a current-ripped bay… A longer-than-expected coastal tour… A quick run across the lake to a favored fishing shoal. How many examples can you think of where a boost of power would make your kayak experience that much more fun? That’s the theory behind Hobie Kayaks' revolutionary new eVolve Series powered by Torqeedo’s Ultra light 402 electric motor. For the first time in kayak history, you’re one touch away from quiet, clean, and efficient electric propulsion.


Hobie has taken the guess work out of installing a fish finder by providing a simple yet complete installation kit. This kit is adaptable to virtually any kayak and will run almost any fish finder out on the market today. The only thing you need to do is determine the location of your new unit! 

Kit includes: Dry Bag, Battery Harness, AA Batteries, Snap Connector, Foam Installation Pad, Zip Ties, Marine Goop, Displacement Connectors, Rubber Grommet.