Lures and Tackle

Mustad Thor Monofilament Fishing Line - Sea Blue Mono Line 

Variety of sizes. 

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Prepacked Sinker Packs. Available in 2 Sizes

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Surecatch fishing packs. 130 Pieces each. 

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We are a stockist of the locally made 'Madz Lures'. 

The balanced weight of the Banjo Eye jig excels when vertical jigging. the ribbon tail adds subtle action to the jig. Due to the action created by the curltail, these handy little jigs can catch fish on a slow to medium speed troll and can also be cast into fish boil ups.

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Big action in a small bait, the new Rapala Ultra Light Shad features a weighted body which enables incredibly far casts for such small lures. Running true even at high speed, these Ultra Lights are the ideal lure selection for all manner of finesse tournament fishing.