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The range of Hobie kayaks is vast with models catering to numerous users and usage scenarios. It's not uncommon for people to feel a little overwhelmed when first presented with the plethora of models on offer though the truth is that its actually fairly easy to determine which models might best suit your needs. It's most likely that several models will accommodate , so it helps to break it down to a short list and at then try out the contenders to figure out for sure which one you like best. 

Although there are numerous models available the range of Hobie kayaks is often broken down to two basic categories - paddle or pedal powered. The pedal powered models are somewhat unique to Hobie and are most popular because of it. They are significantly more expensive than their paddle-powered counterparts but it is important to know that the quality is the same across the range, from the entry level Lanai right through to the impressive Tandem Island trimaran kayak. In a nutshell, all Hobie kayaks are exceptionally good quality, all of them sharing the same manufacturing techniques, components and attention to detail. Rest assured that whichever model you decide upon, you're buying the best possible quality available in a roto-molded polyethylene kayak. 

Unlike most brands of kayaks, all Hobie models are supplied with paddles and backrests - everything you need to get started. Those that feature a rudder mechanism are also supplied with a spare rudder pin.

Maclean Outdoors is a Hobie kayak specialist store offering the full range, all of which are on display and available for demonstration by appointment. We can guide you on which models will best suit your needs and help you break it down to a short-list. However, we strongly believe that the best way for someone to make a fully educated decision about which kayak best suits their needs is to get on one and try it out. Not only is this the perfect way to ensure that the models in question are a good fit for you, but also perfectly suited to your usage requirements. It's also a really good way for you to confirm for yourself that they are every bit as good as we say they are. It's quite likely that once you get one of these kayaks on to the water that you'll come up with questions that you didn't think to ask previously. Whatever questions may arise, rest assured we have the answers. We use them ourselves and we have done for years. 

You'll also pick up some really handy tips along the way - we'll show you the best way to get in and out of them. We'll show you what all of the various adjustments are and why they are there. We'll demonstrate the best ways to launch and land them, pedaling and paddling techniques, what to do when approaching shallow water and most efficient and effective methods of maneuvering them. By the time you're finished doing an on-water demo with us you'll know everything you need to know in order to make a well-educated decision on which model to buy and how to get the most from your investment. 

Once you've found your ideal model, should you decide to go ahead and buy one we'll then take the time to show you absolutely everything you need to know to get the most out of them - maintenance, car-topping methods, trailer options, wheel-cart transportation and more. if you buy from us your purchase will be one made with complete confidence. 

What's more, we carry every model in every colour - it's unlikely that you'll have to place an order and wait for us to get it in stock. Chances are high we'll have it there available for you when you want it. In short, we'll do everything we can to ensure your experience with us is both informative and pleasurable.


We only advertise Hobie kayaks at recommended retail prices, however we are happy to negotiate package deals. Keep in mind, however, that it is only really possible for us to do this accurately when we know what the package will include and this is best determined after discussing your needs, usually in person. This always works best when customers come in to the store and inspect our full range of kayaks, parts and accessories. This way they know exactly what all of the options are and this is always helpful when working out what your ideal package will be. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any inquiries related to Hobie kayaks, either by phone (02 6645 1120) or via email.