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Hardware and Tools

Labels for Hobie kayak up and down rudder control handles. Older style stick-on decal and clip-in insert style types available

SKU Hobie_Rudder_Up___Down_Inserts_and_Decals
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Padeye saddles made from chrome plated brass and nylon

SKU HOB71110, BLA165342, HOB71220001
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For attaching accessories onto kayaks in positions where it is difficult to reach in to secure a backing plate. Used as a standard attaching system for sidekick outriggers and anchor trolley kits and are useful for attaching rod holders. Very handy, self-sealing and easy to use. 10-32 x 1.5 inch *10-32 screws not included available separately.

SKU 8050221, 8030161
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1/4" Shock cord fastener, as used on Hobie kayaks

SKU 2101

Hobie kayak 'cap-style' pull-toggle handles and insert labels for up and down rudder control.

Handles $4.90 inserts $1.40

* Sold individually. Find them here.

SKU 81408101
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Port and starboard cleats as used on (rudder down) lines on various Hobie kayak model's.

SKU 10730021, 10730031
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Hobie drain plug, small (new style). As used as a stern drain plug on numerous 2010+ kayak models and ama's on Tandem Island. 

SKU 79050211

Mast cleat, as used on numerous Hobie kayak models 

SKU 10730000

Hobie Kayak Deck fasteners allow you to customize your boat with the fasteners of your choice where you want them.

SKU Hobie_Kayak_Deck_Fasteners
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Replacement cover for Hobie kayak moulded mesh pockets. Available with frame or without frame.  Pockets are now hookless rubber mesh. These latest pockets fit all models of Hobie Kayaks.

SKU Hobie_Kayak_Pocket_Covers
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General purpose midship lifting handle.

Bravo Lifting Handle Outback 

SKU 71190001

Hobie Paddle T handle - suits all Hobie paddles. Convert your Hobie paddle into a single-blade canoe style paddle. Ideal for Mirage kayak users who want to save on weight & storage.

SKU 74049001

Hobie Midship Handle

Suit Outfitter and Outback

SKU 76055001

Bow and stern handle as used on all Hobie kayaks.  We also have aftermarket replacement handles for $12.00

SKU 76050001

Pedal retainer bungee with hook, as used on Hobie pedal-powered kayaks to secure MirageDrive pedal arms into retracted fin position for landing and carting.

SKU 80012001

Hobie UV protectant & restorer. Hobie endorsed kayak UV protection solution. Protects and restores boats and gear. Ideal for maintaining and preserving all your Hobie boats and gear. 

SKU 70060001


The Hobie Mirage Plug-In seats for 2010 come with new adjustable / expandable seat pegs for a tighter fit in the hull.

These are a recommended upgrade for any owners of pre-2010 model kayaks, especially those who may have had trouble keeping the backrest plugs firmly seated into the hull. Sold as a pair

SKU 81265101

Fits all Mirage kayak models with 'twist and stow' rudder system. Standard and large 'sailing' versions available.  Larger versions are highly recommended for Hobie Revolution, Adventure & Oasis, or for any mirage kayak being used with a sail-kit. Large rudder blade also available for Quest and i-Series.

SKU 81395201, 81397001, 81397101
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  • SKU: 81537 - Standard Cassette Plug
  • SKU: 81536 - Tall Cassette Plug
SKU Cassette_Plugs
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Newer Style Midship handle soft Circa 2011 onwards. 

SKU 88991061

Hobie kayak Twist & Seal hatches have a better seal. The lids also hinge open, so you never lose the lid. Designed with a cork-screw-like mechanism for closure, a simple twist of the handle opens or closes the hatch. As the screw pulls down the hatch, you get a tight seal on the “O Ring” seal against the inner cylinder.

SKU 71701001, 71702001
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The Mirage inflatable seat pad added adjustable comfort! Replaces the standard foam seat pad for the Hobie Mirage. Adjust the cushion by adding or releasing air pressure. Like an inflatable camping pad. Has an internal self inflating foam and an air valve through which the pad can be further inflated / deflated to suit the users comfort. Not designed for solo use on Hobie Mirage Inflatable kayaks (although it could be doubled up on existing seatpad).

SKU 72020028

Designed for the Hobie paddle kayak range.

Comfortable padded seat with excellent back support.

Fits Hobie Lanai , Maui, Kona , Odyssey and Quest (pre Vantage) kayaks


SKU 72402001

Kayak rigging kit. Set of fasteners for rigging a kayak for fishing accessories. A custom selection of hardware chosen by the Hobie fishing experts. Includes stainless bolts, nuts, washers, well nuts and more. All packed in a handy Plano box. You can purchase any of the items separately. Purchase the kit and have it all, or pick and choose your own based on your individual needs. All included parts are listed below as well as many more in the numerical section of our catalogue.

SKU 72020300

Hobie Mirage backrest seats. Designed for Hobie Mirage (pedal-powered) kayaks only. 

SKU Hobie_Kayak_Seat_suit_Mirage_pedal_range
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