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Mirage Drive Parts

If you have a V1 drive with a broken cable or chain , you will now need to  purchase a V1 drums/cables update kit to  GT (covers V2) which will

give you new drums , idler pulley ,  idler cable , and miragedrive chains and nuts . Part number 81171002

SKU 81171002

The Hobie MirageDrive is Hobie's hands free peddle drive system that replaces the need to paddle with your arms. The ungainly paddle is replaced by the highly efficient MirageDrive peddle system leaving your hands free for fishing or anything else you wish to do rather than paddle.

SKU Hobie_Miragedrive_s
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Protect your Mirage Drive and other goods with the Hobie Mirage Drive Stow Bag. This heavy duty cordura and mesh bag easily fits the complete Mirage Drive with either standard or turbo length fins. It has a carry handle and over the shoulder strap for easy transport. Small pockets inside the stow bag hold your speedo tube or scupper plugs. There's plenty of extra space in the bag for a life vest.

SKU 80024

The 'Square Top' ST fin is the 'middle gear' option in available miragedrive pedal fins. These offer greater acceleration and cruising efficiency than standard fins. ST fins use the standard fin mast. Fins sold individually

SKU Miragedrive_ST_Fin
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The 'Square Top' ST Turbo fin is the 'top gear' option in available MirageDrive pedal fins. These offer greater acceleration and cruising efficiency than standard fins. Turbo fins require the turbo fin mast for proper installation.

SKU ST_Turbo_Fin
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The ST (Square Top) Turbo Fin Kit is a complete kit designed to upgrade Hobie Miragedrive standard or ST fins to longer 'turbo' variant. Kit includes 2 x fins, 2 x fin masts and fitting hardware.

SKU ST_Turbo_Fin_Kits
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V2 Mast St Turbo


Replacement fin masts for Hobie Miragedrives

SKU Miragedrive_Fin_Masts
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Never risk losing your Mirage Drive, install the Hobie Mirage Drive Leash Kit today. The kit includes a leash with two hardware options, a screw in eye and an extra nylon padeye with hardware. Use the screw in eye fitting to replace the cleat just below the accessory mount or add the pad eye attachment wherever you'd like.

SKU 74052101

Outhaul block for Hobie MirageDrive sprockets.

SKU 81050001

Replacement pedal straps for the MirageDrive. 

SKU 81226001, 81227001
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Mirage Drive GT pedal crank cap. 

SKU 81222101

Hobie Complete pedal and crank assembly for a Hobie kayak up to GT Drive

SKU: 81223001 (LEFT) 81224001 (RIGHT)

SKU 81223001, 81224001
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Hobie pedal pad kits are stick-on neoprene foam pads that adhere to pedals, making them softer on users feet. Introduced as standard in 2010 model miragedrives.

SKU 72020034

Replacement Pedal adjustment decal for MirageDrive Fits up to GT Drive

SKU 81172001

The Hobie Mirage Pedal Adjustment Assembly is the replacement pedal adjustment assembly for the Hobie Mirage Drive. The Hobie Mirage Pedal Adjustment Assembly includes one plastic handle, pin, screw, spring, and an allen wrench to help complete the installation.

SKU 81236001

This chain assembly is designed to fit version 2 and GT MirageDrive drums. it has flat edges on the threaded section

SKU 81202001

Version 2 Sprocket No Longer Available - Order Glide Tech version for V2 drives

The GT sprocket features plastic roller bearings which reduce friction. You can update your V2 drive with GT drive components. Always check your sprockets shafts for wear first

V1 Sprockets with grub screw for locating the mast are still available.

SKU Miragedrive_Sprockets_
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This version 2 miragedrive drum (pictured above) is for version 2 drives and can be used to upgrade version 1 drives (version 2 chains required).

Gt Drums are the current item and are interchangeable with V2 Drums but have bearings for less friction. Check drum shaft for wear before fitting. 

SKU Miragedrive_Drums
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Replacement spines for Hobie MirageDrive up to GT

SKU 81181001

Version 2 drum shaft for Hobie Miragedrive

SKU 81090001

Replacement sprocket shaft for Hobie MirageDrive (suits all versions)

SKU 81080001

Idler cable for Hobie miragedrives.  There previously was a v1 option available. If you have a V1 drive , you will now need to  purchase a V1 drums/cables update kit to  GT (covers V2) which will

give you new drums , idler pulley ,  idler cable , and miragedrive chains . Part number 81171002

SKU 81203001

Hobie Replacement Idler Pulley

SKU Idler_Pulley
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Hobie Lock Ring  (split ring)

Suitable for Outhaul Block Clevis pin ( Link )

SKU 10860001

Hobie Clevis Pin Suitable for Outhaul Block ( Link )

SKU 8020041