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The Hobie MirageDrive is Hobie's hands free peddle drive system that replaces the need to paddle with your arms. The ungainly paddle is replaced by the highly efficient MirageDrive peddle system leaving your hands free for fishing or anything else you wish to do rather than paddle.


GT Drive (Glide Technology)

Standard on 2019 Compass & Compass Duo .Standard on most 2015+ Mirage kayak models, the ST Fin square-top design increases fin surface area while maintaining a one-foot mast length. (Pictured above)


GT Drive + Turbo Fin

Add even more speed to your MirageDrive with a ST Turbo Fin upgrade (standard with Pro Angler and Island Series). The increased fin surface area and mast length provide added resistance and water displacement producing more thrust with each stroke.


MirageDrive 180  ARC ST Fins 

MirageDrive with Full power reverse and ARC Pedal cranks.



MirageDrive 180 ARC with ST Turbo Fins

MirageDrive with Full Power reverse ARC cranks and Turbo Fins.  






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