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Mounts and Fittings

Ram Base 1" Diamond 2 7/16" x 1 5/16"

SKU: 72023044

SKU 72023044

The RAM Track Ball is made up of either a 1" or 1.5" rubber ball molded to a high strength composite base, a rubber friction washer and a stainless steel T-bolt for sliding into virtually any track system.

SKU RAM_Track_Ball
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RAM Accessory Tube Wedge Mount. Available in 1" or 1.5". Also fits Scotty Mounts. 

SKU RAM_Accessory_Tube_Wedge_Mount
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The Fixed Extender gives you 5 inches of clearance from the StarPort - an optimum distance for freeing up the cockpit and creating addition leg room on kayaks.

SKU 72026211

RAM Double Ball Socket Arm 1.5" Ball 

SKU 72023047

RAM Base 1.5" Ball 2" x 2.5"

SKU 72023046

Always have your favourite beverage conveniently located and secure.

SKU 84621001

Mount almost any accessory to the H-Rail using this universal mounting plate. It's durable, easy to drill through and flat on the top and bottom, allowing bolts, nuts and washers to fit snugly. 

SKU 84622001

Sealed base for watertight applications (such as kayak decks). For all Scotty post mount rod holders. 

SKU 80049011

AKA StarPort Mounts allow the easy attachment of a RAILBLAZA StarPort to your Hobie AKA (V2). The StarPort Mount is designed to fit securely on the AKA of an Island or Tandem Island without twisting. 

SKU 72026210

Quick and easy, drop and lock system. Allows you to secure and re-position your rod holder with just a twist. Use in conjunction with an extender to bring your rod closer to you. 

SKU: 80048006

SKU 80048006

Add your favourite accessories to RAM mounts on the H-Rail using the 1" or 1.5" ball.

SKU H-Rail_RAM_Ball_Mount
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We adapted this popular Scotty mount to fit our 12 sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed.

SKU 84620154

H-Rail Gear-Head quickly slides into place and locks down your post mounted Scotty rod holders and accessories. This system allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple "twist".

SKU 84620152

RAM Bond A Base - Only for 1" Ball Mounts - White

Includes Fasteners and Glue

SKU 72023042

Hobie H-Rail tackle Bin 84623001

Add more storage or hold more gear. Designed to hold fishing tackle boxes, the tackle bin also includes a removable tray, Bungee retainers, and plenty of places to clip things to. Store tools and use it as a place to collect odds and ends that usually clutter your fishing area.

SKU 84623001

Compatible with all transducer which attaches using 1/4" bolt. An 18' rigid aluminium rod can be bent to position your transducer to its optimum location. Patented socket technology allows for quick raising, lowering, removal and stowage of transducer arm. Transducer not included with purchase. 

SKU: 72023035

SKU 72023035

The RAILBLAZE MiniPort TracMount is designed to fit industry standard gear tracks and installs without tools. Re-positioning the MiniPort along the track is as simple as turning counter-clockwise to release the tensions, sliding into the desired position and turning clockwise to secure the mount. 

SKU 72026213

The StarPort allows users to fit and re-task the full range of RAILBLAZA accessories. The StarPort can be used as either a deck mount r a flush mount base. This base not only comes with a gasket and cap, but also features a slide locking mechanism to confidently lock the RAILBLAZA accessory in place. Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware included. 

SKU 72026207

The base combines the strength of a deck mount with the cosmetic appeal and practicality of a flush mount. The StarPOrt HD can also be mounted on many popular track systems. 

SKU 72026208

Mount the Hobie H-Rail StarPort HD on the 12 sided H-Rail without and drilling or tools needed. 

SKU: 84620204

SKU 84620204

Mount the Hobie H-Rail MiniPort on the 12-sided H-Rail without any drilling or tools needed.

SKU: 84620202

SKU 84620202