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Hatch Storage and Bags

Vinyl cover with a zipper opening. eeps gear dryer and out of the UV. Keeps gear in the crate from falling out in a capsize. Tested to the extremes... the cover holds in place under heavy load even if inverted or tumbled. Easy to install using provided panel rivets. The double zipper is nylon, not corrosive and functions smoothly.

SKU 72020097

Add a drop-in "storage box" to your Hobie rectangular hatch or tackle management tray that deploys two tackle boxes as you open the hatch. 

The horizontal hatch is stiff and strong as designed for standing on. Unique Hobie designed seal and flange lip flange keeps water out. Add the optional tackle management tray that deploys two tackle boxes as you open the hatch or the drop-in hatch bucket for versatile small parts storage. Includes backing ring. The kit includes the Hatch, gasket, backing ring, screws and instructions. 

SKU 71707003

The Vantage Seat Accessory bag is the perfect addition to your Hobie Kayak ideal for storing extra tackle, keys and wallet, lunch, a wet weather jacket, safety gear and much more!

SKU 72020117

Available in 3 sizes, each with adjustable dividers.

Drop-in Hatch liner buckets designed for the Outback, Revolution 13, Revolution and Quest 11 models. Originally created as part of the popular Pro Angler, the forward hatch bucket is a space to store gear or fish just inside the hatch lid. Keeps items from sliding forward or back inside the hull and keeps them up off the bilge.

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Tupperware style container custom built to fit neatly into Hobie 8" hatches. Ideal for carrying snacks, suncream, fishing tackle and more.