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Hobie Island parts

Shear pins for Hobie Adventure Island and Tandem Island Akas. 

SKU 8032081

Hobie drain plug, small (new style). As used as a stern drain plug on 2010+ models of Adventure Islands as well as the Tandem Island, where they are also used as plugs on the amas.

SKU 79050211

Hobie Adventure Island Daggerboard Well Plug

SKU 79501001

Don't get caught with your sails down! Extra strong, Ripstop white tape for temporary on-the-spot repairs to torn sails, canvas, even foul weather gear. Keep a roll in your toolbox for emergencies. 

SKU 1662

Hobie Steering Knob assembly 88991355

More comfortable hand position - better leverage. Fits all 2011+ Mirage model steering handles and all Tandem Islands. Kit includes attachment screw, knob and cap.

SKU 88991355

Small blocks with high load capabilities, but light weight. Accepts up to 1/4" line, 1200 pound load, 7/8" diameter sheave.


SKU H233

Rudder protection for 2011’ AI and all new style (dynamic) Island and Tandem Island Rudders. Red color helps for trailering visibility.

SKU Rudder_Cover_for_Hobie_Island___TI

Braces for Hobie Adventure and Trimaran Island trimaran kayaks. 

Please measure your aka brace before ordering.

SKU Island_Aka_brace_assembly
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Carry bag for Hobie Adventure and Tandem Island Akas. Heavy duty nylon, carry handles and zip

SKU Island_Aka_Bag
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Heavy duty nylon carry bag for Adventure and Tandem island trimarans from Hobie.

SKU Island_Sail_Mast_Bags__Sail_Cover_
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Extend your reach to your steering Allows yo to move your weight (Hiking outboard onto tramps or hakas for better stability, speed and comfort. Fits 2011+ Mirage model steering handles and all tandem islands. 

SKU 72020063

Akas for Hobie Tandem Island

SKU Tandem_Island_Akas
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Hobie Adventure Island daggerboard. Fits any Adventure or Adventure Island model

SKU 79502001

Crossbars for Hobie Tandem Island, front and rear

SKU Tandem_Island_X-Bars
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