Hobie Superseded Model Sale!
Save up to $1200 on selected models.

Normally $4490 now $3790

The Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, a 16′ Trimaran “Sail/yak” incorporates the patented Hobie MirageDrive into a unique sailing machine unlike any other sailing craft on the water. The Island is a new and exciting sailing experience for the accomplished sailor. It is also an ideal boat to learn on for the non-sailor — Just pedal your way through your ‘mistakes’, and pretty soon you’ll find that you can sail! Click read more for the features that make the Adventure Island so special.

This special offer is only available on the Ivory Dune Adventure Island.

Brand new kayak, complete with 2 years warranty. 


Its boomless, roller-furling sail rig with plenty of sail area for excellent performance, completely manageable from the cockpit with the pull of a line. Two retractable amas that fold up against the side of the boat, again with the simple pull of a line, for easy docking, manoeuvrability, and transport. The Adventure Island disassembles in seconds. The cockpit is the stable platform of the Hobie Mirage Adventure Kayak, offering full versatility as a pedaling kayak when conditions are not convenient for sailing. If you want to just go out for a Kayak then just leave the side arms and sail at home. The Hobie Mirage Drive allows the boat to be pedaled while under sail, or simply pedaled with the sail furled for versatility not found in any other sailboat. The Adventure Island is loaded with additional standard features such as a daggerboard; oversized “Twist and Stow” rudder; Mast and Sail Cover; and an Ama/Daggerboard Bag.