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Koastal Kayaks

The Catalina Kayak is an Australian made, one and a half seat kayak, designed to solve the issue of deciding between a double or a single kayak. 

The rear facing seat positioned in the front of the kayak can be fitted with a backrest, for either a child or dog. The positioning of this seat allows you to watch your child as they enjoy there time paddling around.

If fishing is your focus, then the forward area can be fitted with an extra 200mm hatch or used as storage space. One 200mm hatch and bag is fitted as standard, there is capacity to have up to 3 x 200 mm hatches fitted. The Catalina has a huge tub area at the rear for your cooler/Milk crate or camping gear. Fitted standard with 2 rod holders it can have up to 5 flush mount rod holders fitted.

The Tumblehome design increases stability due to keeping the center of gravity lower than in comparable kayaks. As for the keel it has a sharp entry to the water and a long slow narrowing right the very tail of the kayak, this will provide excellent tracking and further enhance stability.


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The Crusader is an Australian made Kayak designed to paddle fast and retain it stability. It is equally at home on a quiet creek or catching some waves. 


  • Crew: 1
  • Length: 3.7 m 
  • Width: .72 m 
  • Capacity: 150 kg 
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 22 Kg
  • Hull Construction: SuperLinear HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

Standard Features:

  • 1x Hatches
  • Front and Rear Deck Bungee Storage
  • Backrest


  • Blue ()
  • Sandstone ()
  • Teal ()
  • White ()

*Please note that not all colours may be available at the time of purchase. 

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The ENDURO XTR is an Australian made entry level surf ski, suitable for flatwater and surf paddling.

The lightweight construction is achieved by adding a layer of closed cell foam to the high grade superlinear polyethylene outer hull. This creates a hull that’s flexible where it counts but retaining strength to handle everyday paddling.

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