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Tables and Cupboards




Perfect for the home, caravan, camper trailer or pretty much any use, the adjustable height blow mould table is so convenient. The adjustable 3 height positions allow this table to be used as a workbench, desk, dinner table or coffee table – if you have a use for compact table – this will fit the bill!


The 4’ Blow Mould Table folds in half for easy storage and transportation. Outdoor Connection’s commitment to quality and design is shown in the table top which combine with the steel frame to ensure a strong and stable table. The 3’  blow mould bench seats are ideal for use with this table.

Perfect for camping trips, picnics or BBQ’s it makes a convenient setting when paired with the Outdoor Connection 3’ Blow mould bench seats

This innovative stand is unique to Outdoor Connection and provides a very stable platform for your stove or could be used as a small work bench. Apart from its lightweight frame and sturdy structure its main feature is the simplicity and speed with which it can be set up. Just 3 simple steps and it is up.


Compact side table that is adjustable to meet your height needs. With a 2 piece leg system, the table can either be 32 or 58cm tall.



A lightweight multi-use camp table ideal for camping and picnics.