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Dragon Kayaks

The brand new Kids Pro Fisher Dragon Kayak makes a wonderful addition to the range! The Kids Dragon Kayak has all the accessories that the young kayaker or fishermen would need, including a comfortable padded seat, a two piece paddle, a fishing rod holder and a storage hatch.

The Kids Dragon Kayak is easy to paddle, safe to use, robust and strong, making it the perfect kids kayak.  

Available in 4 colours; 

  • Red, White an Black
  • Amazon
  • Blue, White and Black
  • Purple, Black and White


The Dragon Kayak 2.5 Seater Family fishing Kayak is arguably the best family fishing kayak on the market today. Designed in Australia, it’s built for stability, safety, tracking, comfort, elegance, and versatility. The Dragon family kayak is also known to many as the double kayak, tandem kayak or the recreational kayak. The Dragon family fishing kayak is fully rigged with all the bells and whistles. Featuring deluxe fishing seats, swivel rod holders, built in rods holders and easy to use lightweight paddles.The Dragon family Kayak features an addition 3rd seating position. The Dragon family kayak can be paddled by couples, or by a single person.

$999.00 $869.00

Price: $269 now only $179!

Professionally designed, rigged and engineered in Australia, the Dragon Kayak is second to none.

The engineered Bow and Stern design enhances manoeuvrability, tracking and speed. The streamlined hull offers improved hydroplaning and reduced water resistance.  The dragon kayak comes fully rigged and ready for the water.

$239 JUST $129!

Lightweight stable kayak suitable for any kids with a load capacity of up to 60 kg. Easy to paddle in the water, this kayak is the perfect recreational kayak for any kid. Has a build-in wheel so the kayaks can be transported along the ground with ease. 

Head out onto the water in comfort and style with the Pro Fisher Kayak! Designed in Australia, it’s built for stability, safety, tracking, comfort and speed.Designed with features that would be helpful to any recreational or fishing kayaker. Boasting a weight capacity of 150kg it's one of the few 2.8m kayak on the market that can carry the big kayaker. Crafted with a high quality thick skin, made from virgin UV rated linear polyethylene (PE) for ultimate sun protection and durability.  The Dragon Pro Fisher Kayak is decked out with a deluxe fishing seat, two piece paddle, swivel rod holder and tackle box - So whether you're going out for a leisurely paddle or an intense fishing session, this is the ultimate companion for your next trip!

$699.00 $599.00